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1、What are your main advantages

A, around 18 years natural Stone memorial ,headstone, gravestone ,monument , carving sculpture ,marble fireplace, marble and granite experience

B, CAD Drawing, professional sales team, quality control, own factory, own ship agent

C, competitive price for various products

D,18 years Experience in export business, above 80% for sale abroad

E, In North America, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East have stable partners

F, more than 100 workers produce for world clients

G, Foreign trade staff master fluent English communication skills

2、 Do you accept retail order? What is the minimum quantity you require?

Yes, we do accept retail order. We sell to wholesaler, retailer and individual, with different price policy. No minimum order requirement. 

3、 Do you also make customized design?

Yes. We can do any dimension for any products as per client requirement 

4、 What is your port of loading?

 Mainly ship form Tianjin, Xiamen China 

5、 How long can my order be finished? How soon can I get my ordered products?

1) Normally one container order needs 10 - 25 days. 

2) transportation duration information: 

West European main port: 27 days 

Felixstowe / Belfast / South Ampton : 40 days 

Dublin: 35days 

Western coast of America: about 18 days 

Eastern coast of America: about 30 days 

Other destination please email us to get our answer. 

6、Are you sure the packing will be excellent? If damage happens during the transportation who will be responsible for that?

Yes, we are sure that our packing is safe enough. We use strong wooden crates for outside packing. Inside, we use carboard box. In addition, we will buy "all risks" insurance as per your requirement. In the case of damage happens, firstly you can refer to the insurance company to claim the damage. If the damage occurred due to the fault of packing, our company will take the responsibility. 

7、What is your acceptable payment? 

L/C (Letter of Credit), T/T (Telegraphic transfer), D/P 

8、 How can I get more information or place an order?

Please email, fax or call us to place your order. 
Tel: +86 31167792733  +86 31180696148
Fax: +86 31167792733

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