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  • Popular Black polished granite bench

Popular Black polished granite bench

Surface FinishingPolished
UsageMemorial, Cemetery

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Black Granite Memorial Benches 

Black granite memorial benches for graves are benches made of black granite that are placed at the gravesites of loved ones as a way to honor and remember them. Black granite is a type of granite that is characterized by its deep, dark color, which can range from a dark grey to a deep black. It is a durable and long-lasting material that is often used for a variety of purposes, including as a building material and as a decorative element in landscaping and garden design.

Black granite memorial benches can be customized with inscriptions, such as the name of the person being remembered, a special message or quote, or a meaningful symbol. Some benches also feature additional design elements, such as engravings or carvings. They can be made in a variety of sizes and styles, and can be placed in a variety of locations within a cemetery or gravesite. Some people choose to have a black granite memorial bench placed at the head of the grave, while others opt for a bench that is located nearby but not directly on the grave.

In addition to providing a place for reflection and remembering loved ones, black granite memorial benches can also serve as a way to beautify and enhance the appearance of a cemetery or gravesite. They can be a thoughtful and meaningful way to honor the memory of a loved one, and provide a lasting tribute to their life and legacy.

CharacteristicWater absorption: 0.04%
Bending strength: 37.6mpa
Compressive strength: 259.7mpa
Brightness: over 92

Polishing degree: over 100 degree

Tolerance of thickness: 1cm: +/-0.5mm, 1.8cm: +/-1mm, 2cm: +/-2mm

AdvantageA. 25 years natural Stone carving sculpture experience.
B. 100% self-designed, hand carved by our own professional workers.
C. Competitive price for various products.
D. 22 years' Experience in export business, above 70% for sale abroad
E. In North America, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East have stable partners
F. More than 100 workers produce for world client.
G. Foreign trade staff master fluent English communication skills.
H. The soonest shipment (many products in stock are available)
Finishing1. Surface Finishing: polished, flamed, honed, natural spilt, bush hammer etc.
2. Edges Finishing: Eased, beveled, bullnose, ogee, cove etc.
3. SpecialFinishing: 3D sculpture, line engraving, photo etching, lettering.

Black Granite Memorial Benches

Black Granite Memorial Benches

Black Granite Memorial Benches

Black Granite Memorial Benches

Jinkui Stones is stick to the principle that bringing more art to life. We see every granite stone as treasure and carve them with passion and profession so we present more elegent granite memorial benches to global customers with heart. If you're looking for special memorial benches for stock, please contact us, we support customization to meet every requirement from customers and make it come true.

Black Granite Memorial Benches

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